Can you give a good, loving FOSTER HOME for an animal in need / we supply their food and health care. 
(You have to qualify for this volunteer activity)

Fostering gives an animal a chance to learn to fit into a home environment so that they are ready for family living when their "forever" home comes along.

Fostering is an arrangement provided informally by volunteers. People interested in fostering file an application and pass an interview with Toni Davis; then, as animals come to BCFFA with special needs, or BCFFA asks for a particular service, those individuals who filled out the applications are contacted. Foster homes promote FOREVER HOME adoptions of their fostered guests, though there are some cases of "permanent fosters". These animals will always receive assistance from BCFFA (medical attention, obedience training, socializing, food) while they are in the care of their foster parent(s).

To become a Foster Parent, or if you want to know more about fostering, fill out an application form and send it to