Question: Does the animal have to be spayed or neutered before adoption? 

 Answer: Yes!  No exceptions. 

Question: Why does the animal have to be spayed or neutered? 

Answer:  Because we said so. 

Question: I have this litter of puppies/kittens that I don't want. Can you take them? 

Answer: No

Question: Why cant you take this animal from me? 

Answer: By law we are not allowed to take animals from the public. To be a licensed shelter we have to abide by the laws of the state. 

Question: Is this 8 week old puppy house broken?

Answer: No.   

Question: Do they cost money? 

Answer: Yes. 

Question: Can I get a deal on the price if I get two? 

Answer: No. 

Question: Do you adopt to people from out of state? 

Answer: Yes. 

Question:  Can I have this puppy's ears and tail docked? 

Answer: No. We believe it is a form of animal cruelty to do that. 

Question: Do I have to have this DOG declawed?  ( Yes that was really asked )

Answer: We do not allow any of our animals to be declawed. There are more humane ways to protect your precious furniture.