Friends for Animals the Humane Society of Burke County began in the backyard of its founders, Toni and Ed Davis, in 1997, and later moved to the adoption center in 2003. The Organization has grown into one of the largest no kill shelters in Western NC.

We receive most of our intakes from the local animal control facility. We are literally pulling dogs off of death row and placing them into forever homes. Over the last 18 years, we have saved approximately twenty one thousand animals from euthanasia.

Once an animal is in our care it is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, and heart worm tested before going into its forever home. We believe in giving our animals the best chance at the happy, healthy life they deserve.

Because of the huge over population of companion animals, we can match you with a variety of pets, including occasional pure-breeds.

We operate on adoption income, donations and grants. We receive no county, state, or federal funding.

Friends for Animals urges anyone that is looking for an addition to their family to please check out your local animal shelter. Also, please remember to spay and neuter your pets. There simply are not enough homes for them all.

 We have been asked several times about this and wanted to let everyone know why we are allowed to get animals from Animal Control.  The county ordinance is that a rescue has to be inspected and licensed by the State Agriculture Dept. The inspector makes random surprise visits to make sure the rescue is following the rules. They make sure the animals are healthy and have proper Vet care. They also inspect the living area of the animals. The living area has to be set up in a way that limits any disease transfer and has to able to be disinfected properly. They are also very strict on how many animals can be in an area. We work very hard to make sure we follow the rules and pass inspection. Anyone can go to the Agriculture Dept website and see any of the local rescues reports from the inspector. The Ordinance, as we understand it, keeps well meaning folks from becoming hoarders. We have seen this many times, rescue can become overwhelming and a person or group ends up with too many animals to properly house or afford to do the necessary Vet work.  In short to answer your question, No we are not the only group allowed to pull animals, any group that has passed inspection and is state approved can get an animal out. As a side note, there is no ordinance keeping rescues from accepting animals from the public thus keeping them from going to Animal Control. 

Edward "Moose" Davis.   

Edward "Moose" Davis.   

Friends for Animals

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