We adopted Pearl (formerly known as Velcro) in late January of this year from Burke County Friends for Animals. I had previously adopted Buster from them about four years ago and knew they had some amazing rescue dogs that needed good homes. We had recently lost my mother to breast cancer in August of last year (2013) and knew a rescue dog would be a great addition to the family. 

We looked through many dogs on our visit that day and as we walked through the outdoor kennels most of the dogs were barking trying to get our attention. When we noticed Pearl, she wasn’t barking but she was jumping about a mile high in her kennel trying to get out attention. After meeting with her in the adoption room and taking her outside to walk her we fell in love with her. She was a staff FAVORITE and we could immediately tell why. She is simply a big love bug that thinks she is a lap dog! I sat down in the floor with her and she just crawled into my lap giving me tons of kisses! After promising the staff for many many updates on her progress we took Ms. Pearl home to settle in! 

Pearl has been an amazing fit for our family. Sometimes I think she doesn’t know that she is a dog. She wants to be with her humans all the time in their lap, on the couch or in the bed curled up next to us. She has a fur brother named Jax but her favorite person is my four year old niece Sarah. Sarah loves to play doctor with Pearl and will get out her “Doc Mcstuffins’s” kit to give Pearl her check up. I was able to snap a picture of her giving Pearl her check out a few weeks ago. Sarah is “Pearl’s girl” and it is usually Sarah she snuggles up with at night. I think one of Pearl’s favorite things to do is run and she has a huge fenced in yard to run and play with Jax and Sarah. And having sleepovers with my dog Buster also adopted from BCFFA. 

Pearl has been an absolute blessing to our family. I am a strong supporter of adopting from our local rescues and animal controls. They make the absolute best companions and really become a part of your family. They always say that when you a rescue a dog you are essentially “saving” their lives which I believe it true. But, after losing my mom last year to cancer Pearl has helped bring a little bit of peace and comfort to my family which I am so thankful for.