If you know of someone in Burke County who is not properly caring for their animal/animals you can fill out a cruelty report here. All information is kept anonymous. Only the Cruelty Investigator and a member of the Sheriff's Dept will be aware of your identity.  

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do if the dog is tied up outside. As long as they have proper shelter and food and water then the owners are within the laws.  We can't make them love them. 

How ever if the animal/animals do not have proper shelter or the bare minimum the law requires there is something that can be done.  Again, all information is kept 100% anonymous. 

In the form below please include all the required info as well as a physical address of where the animal/animals are located. We have to have the physical address (Not the 3rd house on the left past the sign at the road). Also include a description of what is going on there. 

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Address of complaint