When you sponsor a pet for $25 a month you are helping a pet that needs the money for shelter, blankets, food and necessary medical care. Some animals have special needs. They may require blood tests to make sure that their medicines, that they take on a daily basis, are dosed correctly. They may also require insulin or other special veterinary care.

For the price of a pizza, a couple movie tickets or a meal at McDonald's for your family… a dog or cat could receive more timely checkups, blood work, food, shelter, and toys. These dogs didn't ask to be brought into a world of neglect, abuse and sadness and for once they are being treated with love, compassion and kindness by the BCFFA.

You can help the BCFFA by sponsoring a pet for as long as you want, and give as much as you can. Whether it be $25 a month, $5 dollars a month or $50 a month. When you sponsor a pet, you guarantee that it receives the care it needs, while easing the burden on the BCFFA. They look to you. Will you help? If you would like to sponsor an animal please look below at some of the animals that need a little extra care.

       Some of the animals that need your help.


Meet Katie

Katie's previous owner neglected her medical needs for most of her life she was basically just an atm machine. As a result of having cherry eye's for many years her third eyelid's are up and will not go back down because they have been stretched for so long.  Katie requires eye drops twice a day and will require them for the rest of her life. If you would like to help Katie with her eye drops please click the donate button below. Katie will be glad to give you a hug to say thank you next time you are the shelter.