Volunteering at Friends for Animals

Do you have an interest in the welfare of animals?  Our volunteers are vital to the success of Friends for Animals, and they find the work very rewarding.  Many of us think about volunteering for years but never act because we don’t like to form attachments to dogs and cats we cannot keep.  If that’s what you’re struggling with, don’t worry!  There are lots of volunteer positions where you do not work directly with the dogs and cats.  It’s important to remember that any volunteer position helps the animals.

Even though we are only open to the public Thursday through Sunday, our employees and volunteers are there seven days a week.

Volunteer Position Openings

(All positions must have a current application on file and a signed waiver.)

Dog Walkers - We always need dog walkers. Typical hours are 9 am to 1 pm any day of the week. Typically, we need at least one day’s notice to work with our Dog Walking crew.

Cat and Kitten Friends - We have some beautiful and very sweet felines that could use a lap to sit on or some petting, brushing, etc.  You can come anytime between 9 am and 5 pm.  No need to schedule – just come on.

Puppy Pals - Puppies need lots of socialization to get them ready for their forever homes.  Come on, you know there’s nothing like playing with a puppy!  We need to schedule you so a call ahead is required.

New Leash on Life Assistant - Do you want to work with the ‘Cell Dogs’ and their trainers?  We need an assistant!  The hours for this position vary.

Office Greeter - Greeting and orienting customers is a much needed position during our ‘Open to the Public’ hours.  This position would include greeting and orienting the customers, answering the phone and taking messages, and other light office duties.  A minimum of 2 ½ hours per week is required.

Fundraiser - We have lots of events throughout the year including luncheons, a golf tournament, yard sales, pet photos with Santa, car washes, dog washes, raffles, and most recently a 5K. We need help with planning, seeking sponsors, and working at the events.  Perhaps you have some fundraising ideas you’d like to share with us.

eBay Marketer - Do you have a knack for selling items on eBay?  We have items to sell and need a volunteer to list these items and keep track of our sales.  Interested?  Call for more info.

Computer Whiz - Always needed. Hours vary depending on the need. Can you help?

PetSmart Assistant - Would you like to help us at PetSmart in Hickory? A couple times a month some of our dogs and cats are taken to PetSmart. Can you ride with our employee or meet in Hickory and help watch over the animals?

Handy Person - It seems that something always needs fixing. Are you a jack of all trades?  Could you be our on-call handy person?  Hours are as needed, but we will work with your schedule.

Yard Maintenance Person - Yard work helps save money so it can all go toward the animals.  Can you help?

Floater - We need someone to fill in for different positions when an employee or volunteer is unable to work.  Does this sound like a job for you?  Can we call on you when we’re short staffed?

Congratulations!  You have just completed the first step to becoming a volunteer – reading this page.  Now on to step two - print and complete the volunteer application form below or pick one up at the adoption center.  Then ask for our Volunteer Coordinator to give you the date for the next mandatory volunteer meeting. Our Volunteer Committee and Coordinator will review the applications once they have been turned in. Once all applications have been reviewed, then the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you for your training. We really want to meet and work with you!  Please don’t delay, the animals need you now!